Workshop | Webinar Wednesdays—Amazing Life Together Webinar

Back in April  I heard about one of the Amazing Life Together  free webinars and I signed up for it because, well it was FREE! Amazing Life Together was a webinar that Liz and Ryan Bower put together with five other couples: Katelyn James and Michael Alsop, Justin and Mary Marantz, Lara Casey and Ari Isaccson, Ashley and Jeremy Mitchell, Karen and Isaac Stott. The Amazing Life Togeter webinar was put together for  other couples to be inspired  from these 6 "love Inspirers" as Liz and Ryan call then,  on how to make an amazing marriage and life together— Unfortunately I was not able to watch all the couples but I did get the opportunity to see a replay of Katelyn James and Michael Alsop as they were interviewed. I jotted down a few notes as I watched (I guess I may have to purchase the webinar, which by the way is only $89 for inspiration filled interviews). Katelyn and Michael's interview was centered around Turning Points—Making Big Decisions Together. If you follow or know Katelyn and Michael, you'll know that there weren't always a husband and wife team. Only recently have they joined forces and work as a team now and that was one of their biggest decisions—one of which they had to make TOGETHER!  As they were interviewed, they talked about a list of 7 things that you should consider when making a big decision like becoming a husband/wife team in Katelyn's photography business. I am pretty sure I jotted down the points correctly, if not, I sincerely apologize.

The Decision List

1. Vision Statement As far as their decision was concerned, they had to come up with their vision statement  of what they wanted to accomplish through joining forces and working as a team with photography. But when making a big decision, write out your vision statement and take time to think about what you  want to see or accomplish through it.

2. Make a List of assets, gifts (talents), and capacities It is always great to have things written down so you can see the big picture. Make a list of each of your assets, gifts (talents, and capacities and see what can be done as far as those are concerned

3. Determine how you can develop into your strengths Husband and wives have both strengths and weakness. When making a big decision like joining forces in your photography business, determine what strengths can be developed more to  help you to strive.

4. Fears We all have them and it is okay to admit that they are there. You cannot grow if you cannot face them or at least acknowledge them. Write down those fears and determine the risks of not living  through those fears, which  is #5.

6. What is it about the change gives hope Think about and write down the things that this change gives you hope about. If you can see hope in the change then you are on the right track. That means that you can see fruition in the change you want to make or the decisions you will have to make.

Ultimately, the last point is the icing on the cake..

7. What actions can be done to get there? It is a straightforward question that makes a lot of sense. In order to make a change or decision together, you will need to make a list and write down the actions that will have to be done in order to get there.

Their list made perfect sense and I am sure that I will take this list into consideration when my husband and I have to make a change or big decision and it does not necessarily have to be that  you can only use this list if you are wanting to join forces in your photography business, but  really for any big decision in life  you need to make it TOGETHER

Take a moments and check out the different links of the couples' sites  and check out the Amazing Life Together webinar so you can be inspired!