Workshop | Webinar Wednesdays—The Balancing Act Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of The Balancing Act Part 2!

So,  last week  I started the recap of  of Rachel Brenke's webinar on Balancing Family and Business.This week I'm dishing out the rest of my notes that I gathered from the webinar.

When it comes to email, a great way to stay organized is to make sure you TAG everything. By tagging, that means to  have everything in your inbox in a specified folder. Inquiries in the inquiry folder, reminders in the reminder get the picture. You can also tag things by keyword, email address, etc. The purpose of this is to prioritize because you will be see which things will give you the greatest return.

With smart phones that give us the ability to check emails on the go, it truly is a wonderful thing. Having a smart phone or even free wifi at many locations gives us the advantage of working on the go. We can respond to email inquiries while grocery shopping, book an shoot while getting a pedicure, or update your blog in a coffee shop. If you need to work on the go, do it!  This also goes for social media. You can post things easily and quickly and to get your posts seen my your clients and potential clients, you can post something about 3 times a day: one at about 9am, one at 2pm and one in the evening ( you can delete the previous post if needed) that way, people are bound to see our post and have an interest in it.

Consider having a routine wrap-up  by getting things done so it is easy to wrap-up and complete. Create an accounting system: for instance create file folders for things like receipts. To make it easy, after you purchase something business related, Rachel suggested taking a picture of the receipts and saving it away in a file just in case the receipt gets lost or damaged.

As photographers, this is something that we need to learn and understand and stick to! There are jobs and times in which you just have to say no. Rachel pointed out a great point and that is to watch the return on investment. I think this is a great point because you definitely do not want to have a client try to ask for discounts and end up not getting a return on the investment you made. There are also times when people will want to ask you  for your services as a way to return a favor for then, that is a perfect situation where you may have to learn to say NO.

This "other stuff" was just a few things that  Rachel had said at the end of the webinar that I jotted down.

• To keep things organized, createe a file for each client with a copy of the signed contact, photos on a disk or flash drive, and anything else that you think is valuable to put in their files.

• ALWAYS back up your pictures and info. You don't want this information to get lost. For Mac uses, a great way to do this is through iCloud or you can use an external hard drive for extra backup.

• When it comes to retainer fees- make sure you set one, DON'T SHOOT  UNLESS there is a deposit PAID. Make sure  that is it the full deposit of whatever you have set whether it is a flat $100 or 50% of the total price of the session.

I hope this information has been valuable to you. I will continue the Workshop|Webinar Wednesdays next week with my notes from a very inspiring webinar that I attended back in April!
Stay tuned!