Where It All Started.

I was in a 6th grade after-school program when I first started to fall in love with photography. My dad had bough me a Canon Powershot camera at the beginning of the school year and I never used it. It was not until we photography days where a local photographer came in to teach us about cameras and photography. The field trip to the home studio was my favorite part because I believe it was there that I knew I wanted to do something like that. I started using my camera more. Taking pictures of flowers, friends, and other things. Fast forward a few years and I'm in high school. I upgraded to a newer Canon Powershot, and I took more and more pictures. My high school career was pretty busy, I was part of the marching band and had a part-time job on top of all the homework and studying. The end of sophomore year approached and we had to pick our electives for the next year. I knew from the beginning of freshman year that I wanted to take photography class. During my junior year of high school, I enjoyed going to photography class. It was a film photography class at the time and I learned to take pin whole negative and develop that picture in the dark room to a positive as well as learned how to develop film. I love learning about the different aspect of photography and film. I even had the opportunity my senior year to be a teacher's assistant for the class and help others.

Fast Forward to college. i am not sure why I didn't go to school for photography because I really liked it but I ended up going to a small Bible college for a degree in Biblical Theology and  minoring in Christian Education. It was through the journey of those four years did God begin to point out and birth within me a new passion for photography with a different perspective—a perspective that would bring glory back to Him. Photography was pretty popular around the small campus and it was almost as if it were a competition. I didn't like that and decided to wait until I graduated to focus on photography. In the spring of 2010 is when I started dreaming up my ideas for a photography business. The dreams faded for a bit due to a heavy school load but nonetheless they returned.

My graduation present in 2011 was a Canon Rebel T3i. I knew I wanted another Canon because it was the first brand camera I started with and all I've known and I will remain #CanonStrong! I would love to be the proud owner of a 5D Mk III. It was a rough time for about a year and hadn't done anything as far as my business was concerned and in the spring of 2012, sparks started flying and created a small ember that burned. I came across the website of some Christian women photographers like Katelyn James  and Karen Stott of Pursuit 31. I was filled with such joy when I saw that what these women were all about was exactly what I was thinking and trying to express—to be a Christian woman photographer whose life and talents have purpose.

August 2012 is when I really started to brainstorm with different logo ideas, color themes, and over all feel to my photography business. I did loads of research, followed blogs and other websites, signed up for webinars, and tried to gain as much information on everything as I could. I am currently finishing up classes and assignments for a certificate as a digital professional photographer.

I have been trying my best to get my feet on the ground and build a strong foundation by doing things the right way from the start. I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that. However, not all of this has been butterflies and chocolate cake—I moved to an entirely new city...and STATE for that matter. I know about about 10 people and my competition as far as other photographers is pretty strong. There are talented photographers around, and me being the newbie- I am a bit intimidated. But I am going to dream big because the God I serve is a big God and nothing is impossible with Him.  Here's to the start (well, the blog start) of my journey to fulfilled dreams.