True Inspirations| Tiffany

 I'm so glad it's SATURDAY and I happy to be going on a double  brunch date with my hubby and another pretty cool couple! It has been a long couple of weeks— I had my nephew for a week like I do every summer and since he is a toddler now, he requires a lot of attention, fun, and patience!

Getting back to where I left off with True Inspirations. Sometimes it takes a while for us to truly see our God-given desires, and  today's post is about someone who saw it,  the wonderful Tiffany Farley.




She is self-taught, fine art photographer from CT! (I actually grew up in CT so, that excites me) and she specializes in beautiful Connection Portraits.  Let me first start off by saying she is such an inspirational and creative woman with passion, much like LaTasha and Lara, who were also highlighted in this series. I've been following Tiffany and her blog for a while now. She probably gets annoyed when she constantly sees @sincere_touch always liking her photos on Instagram.  But from reading almost all her blog posts,  I can say that I've learned a lot about who she is and why she does what she does. This post on her blog is the one that drew me in. The story of how and why she got started with photography is touching. I loved watching her interview with Stephen and Jess Roberton of TogTools.  Not  many people can say that they were a semester away from graduating with their Masters in pastoral counseling when they decided their life was meant to be different. It is usually when we are doing something that we realize that we were meant to do something far greater.  I can attest for that. Although Tiffany was getting her schooling for ministry she knew God was shaping her through her life experiences and knew that God was the one who placed the desire for photography within her heart. Speaking of all of that, Tiffany really hit the nail on the head when she said...

I wanted more. And when I finally came to the realization that all the expectations I had placed on myself, were my own and not God’s… when I began to understand that the buried dreams of writing and showing the world what I see were actually in my heart because God himself put them there…the game changed. It took me awhile to figure things out, and to develop a business and a brand. It’s a long story you can find woven within the pages of this blog. A story that is still being written. But this is the foundation I brought to the table. And I believe that very foundation, my story, makes my heart for photography unlike anyone else’s.

If we would all realize the desires and giftings that God places within our know, those things that only WE can do as individuals, then we can achieve things that are far greater.  Tiffany realized that and I am so glad she did because we get the chance to see the fruit of her labor, her answers to prayer,  and her realization of true desires with her newest addition to her business, The Fount Collective. After having followed Tiffany for  months now, I have seen snippets of her secret project under wraps on herInstagram andblog and it os awesome to finally see what she has been up to behind the scenes. Let me tell you, it is incredible! You can definitely see her passion and desire laced thought this new addition to her business. I also see it as a testimony to God's faithfulness to her and that He is the one, "...who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." (Ephesians 3:20). Even if we have everything, without God- all of it is worth nothing, and Tiffany truly realizes that and I admire that about her.   Just like the other two beautiful women whom I've highlighted in this new blog series of mine, I have never met Tiffany. But some day, some how, at some point  I know our paths will cross, but until then, Tiffany, if you are reading this, Thank you! Thank you for being true to yourself and the desires that God placed on your heart. Thank you for never giving up your desires. You are a phenomenal woman of God and I hope to someday be able to sit across a table from you, call you a friend, and share God -stories, coffee, and photography! Keep up all our "amazingness" you are shining brightly and this photography ministry of yours, and yes, it is a ministry, is going to change lives, one  portrait at a time. Keep shining, girl!