True Inspirations | LaTasha

Happy Monday!

While I haven't been consistent with blogging  lately, I have had so much on my mind. Everything from branding, to marketing, to products, to clients, to packaging and prints has  made it's way onto the creative highway of my mind. I've been soaking up all the information I can get my hands on and have been learning things form other photographers whose style is similar to what I want to see in my business. Obviously I want to stay true to myself and who I am as a photographer but it's still great to keep up with people who inspire me. So, I was thinking that I would start something new, True Inspirations where I want to highlight some of the people whom I admire whether they are photographers or  other creative individuals.  First is, my girl LaTasha Haynes of Ike &Tash Photography + Motion.  I  have never met this awesome photograp(her) in person, but as I follow her onInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, I admire what she does and how she does it with such passion.  The Ike & Tash  Street Teamsenior model, which  is a huge part of their business, is phenomenal and her and her husband do it very well.

Not only do I admire LaTasha's Street Team model but I admire the character she exudes when I read her posts on Instagram. A couple of weeks ago, LaTasha had reposted a photo on Instagram from one of her street team seniors who had nothing but kind words to say about her experience. It struck a chord with me when I saw what LaTasha wrote in response:  "...This is why photography is so much  more than photos for me. It's a ministry!..."  It struck a chord with me because that is what my dream has been since 2012. I don't want my photography and my business to be just about pretty printed pictures but more about relationships and touching lives.  LaTasha truly does just that through her Street Team senior model and it is incredible. I am sure that what she is doing for her street team seniors is leaving a lasting impression on their lives through the gifts and talents God has blessed her with. The following excerpt is from a picture she posted on Instagram about a week or so ago:

"you start strong & you finish stronger. we always pride ourselves on being connected to our young people. their struggles and their victories. over the last 9 months, we have had the privilege of being part of one of the biggest journey's in our young people's lives as they transition to adulthood. being a ward of the state myself, growing up in foster care (latasha), i valued my mentors. my "safe places"- the teacher, the "big sister" who would show up for me, both literally and figuratively. when i started the street team - i wanted to shoot more senior pictures BUT more than that, i wanted to be for someone what so many people had been to me..."  (continue reading her post here)."


Without ever meeting her, I can say that  I am truly inspired by LaTasha to push even harder towards my goals and what I want to see happen with my photography business. So, LaTasha, if you are reading this, I just want to publicly say that you are such an inspirational photographer with amazing talent and skill and I hope to some day be able to leave a lasting impression on young hearts like you've been doing  with your street team seniors.