True Inspirations | Lara


I came across the website and blog of Lara Casey  one day and I read through her story. If you haven’t done so yourself, please do.  I have never met this woman but I truly admire her and the grace of God is definitely radiating through her life. I would love the opportunity to sit down to talk with her. She has over come a lot in her life but she didn’t let  those down times and impossible situations stay impossible. Instead, she trusted God with those impossibilities and God showed her  that,  "NOTHING nothing nothing nothing is impossible with Him.”

Like most of us photographers and other creatives, Lara was a woman with a crazy idea of drafting up a mock magazine. Moving forward and having it be a hit bridal magazine would seem to be “impossible” but Lara put her trust  in God even when hurdles came in her way she trusted the only One who is able to go above and beyond anything we could ask of think  (see Ephesians 3:20). Now, this beautiful and godly woman is the  editor in chief and publisher  of Southern Weddings magazine. Such a testimony to God’s faithfulness and blessing. Lara also started the Making Things Happen revolution! You can read more about that here.

If that isn't enough to say that she is such an inspiration, her own written book will be available December 30th for everyone to read!  Her Make it Happen book is available for pre-order (I need to get mine in)

Do her a favor and even yourself a  favor and pre-order this book. Read it. Soak it up. Make things HAPPEN! Like I've said before, I have never met this woman but she is a phenomenal individual with a beautiful family, an awesome testimony, and a heart on fire that can't be put out. She just might change the wold with her words. I am so excited to read this book (wish we did't have to way so long!) and to see how many people are inspired and changed. Ultimately God gets all the glory but  He definitely is using her for something special.  So, Lara, if you are reading this- thank you for your willingness and obedience in writing this book. If people like myself, can be inspired just by reading yourblog posts, or Instagram captions, your book is going to be the icing on the cake! Or shall I say the syrup on the biscuit!


Happy Monday! Who's inspiring you today?  Let me know in the comments!  Have a fantastic week!