Happy 4th of July friends!

It has been a while since the website has been getting some tweaks here and there but I am so glad for it to be back and for The Blog to come alive again. The last several months have been quite interesting, to say the least. It seemed like defeat after defeat when it came to working on this business. There were several times I wanted to throw in the towel (even this week!). As I have known and have now lived, entrepreneurship is hard and not for the faint of heart. There were months that were great and others not so much. Then came the dry season where it looked like everyone else’s grass was greener. But if I am going to be honest, I know that the grass is greener where you water it— either that or it’s fake. I knew the grass that was once green for me could be green again if I continued to water it.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. I took some action steps to watering that grass again. I took steps of faith to do what I believed would get my business on the right track again. I participated in the first round of the Oh Freebird Fly Mentoring Program led by my sweet friend Jenna and Kimberly. This three month mentoring program allowed me to take a step back from my business and gaze upon it again with fresh eyes and new perspective. It gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward in dreaming with God in order to see my dreams realized.

As a result of this program I believe I gained the freedom to dream again.

STP the freedom to dream.png

I’ve learned to say, “Yes”, to the way God has created me and walk in the freedom to be fully me and no one else. I discovered truths about myself that have only caused me to grow into the person I am today. I am multi-passionate, a visionary, a leader, a teacher, and encourager.

This discovery gave me the freedom to dream a new dream which led to a change in my business, one that I believe will help to encourage, empower, equip, and elevate women in business. Through partnering with the ultimate Creator, I am now adding personal brand photography to help do those things. I am so excited about this new addition to Sincere Touch Photography and I hope you are, too!

It’s been quite the road to get here but it is all a part of the journey. I am so grateful for my supportive husband who constantly encouraged me to not give up—time and time again. I’m grateful for a beautiful community like Oh Freebird Fly where I could connect with other like-minded women in business to help me grow and see my dreams realized. I’m so grateful for business friends who took the time out of their schedules to help sharpen the iron and encourage me in my dreams.

So on this day that recognizes independence and freedom in our country, I hope you realize that you also have the freedom to dream.