Without Wax.

This week has been going by quicker than I thought it would. It's already Thursday! Which means a nice restful weekend awaits. I know I just came back from "spring break" in CT but we were busy most of the time so a relaxing weekend would be great.

While in CT, I had the opportunity to have coffee with a friend of mine.  As we talked about life and the different journey's we're both on, I brought to the conversation, Sincere Touch Photography. I slid my  business card across the table to my friend and he looked at it and said, "Let me tell you about the word 'sincere'..."  So, she did.

She proceeded to tell me that the word "sincere" is a derivative of two latin words sine meaning "without" and cera meaning "wax". Basically, dishonest craftsmen would cover up cracks and imperfections in their work with wax and try to sell it as if there were no imperfections at all. This  obviously caused honest craftsmen to put a stamp of approval, so-to-speak, on their work with a seal of sine cera  or "without wax". This made is easier to identify and know which pieces of potter or sculptures were sincere and genuine pieces. ( I definitely want to dig deeper and do a word study on this word.)

I loved that mini etymology lesson as it led me to take a look within my own business name and see the correlation. Just like the honest craftsmen put a seal of sine cera on their work as a sign that their work was sincere and genuine, I desire to do the same. I desire to build a business that is sine cera . I know that I am not perfect, and I may never have the perfect business, but I can do my best to run my business in a sincere way.  One that isn't covered with the "wax" of empty words and unfulfilled promises to clients.  When I say that my mission is to sincerely capture beautiful moments and touch lives in the process,  I mean just that. It is a daily prayer of mine to hold true to sincerely capture the personalities of my clients and to handle the business side of things in a sincere way with honesty and integrity.

This also got me thinking of how we can sometime put "wax" on ourselves as a way of hiding our imperfections from others. It could be that you put "wax" on to hide the fact that we are so insecure or perhaps you really are a broken person but don't want anyone to see. Instead of being and showing sincere versions of ourselves sine cera, we settle for the "wax" covered version instead whose imperfections will easily be noticed over time. Just like those honest craftsmen centuries ago put a seal of sine cera on their work, we need to  do the same. The only difference is, if we do have cracks in our lives, blemishes, or imperfections—maybe some more than others— we do not need to cover them up with the wax of vanity, prideful attitudes, superficiality, and then some. Instead we need to show and be who we really are— true versions of ourselves sine cera, without wax. Because in all honesty, we were born to be real not perfect.



I hope you've had a productive week thus far. Keep your head up, stay focus, stay humble, and rock the rest of your week.

•     •     •