Savor Your Season.

It has been rather quiet on The Blog since July. Trust me when I say that it was a busy summer and I pretty much took a break and had some time to reflect on more of what I want to see for Sincere Touch Photography and this blog, and for my current and future clients. My heart is full of exciting dreams and goals and once things come together, you'll know about it. Today is the official first day of Fall!  I love this season. I love that the beginning of the season brings crisp evening breezes, pumpkin spice lattes, and beautiful colors from leaves beginning to change. There is just a cozy feeling about this season that makes me want to make different kinds of soup, wear sweaters and boots, and decorate  our place with  fall decor. I just love it.

But as I relish in the fact that fall is here, I realize that people are already wanting to rush through the current season to move on to the next. You guys, I don't know about you but I have already seen Christmas ornaments displayed in a store.  There is such anticipation everywhere you go to quickly move on from the current season. We really do need to learn to savor the season we are in.  I am not just talking about the winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons, but the seasons that we go through in life.

Some of you may be in a waiting season in your business. Maybe some of you are in a very fruitful season. Perhaps others are in a cold and stagnant season with not much going on. Whatever season you are in, learn to  savor that season. There is always something to be thankful for and always something to learn in your season.


For me, this summer was a somewhat stagnant season with not much going on for my business. While I did have a wedding (blog coming soon) not much else was going on. While I wish I was in a different season, so-to-speak, I was thankful for the down time that I was able to have to be able to dream up some ideas and set some goals for my business and personal life. My current season however, is pretty busy. My husband transitioned into a new job and I have a busier work schedule than last year on top of other responsibilities. In spite of  the transitioning and busyness I am savoring my season and I am very thankful that we have jobs.

What is your current season and how do you plan on savoring it?

Happy First Day of Fall!


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