Purpose Over Perfection.

The perfect pair of shoes. The perfect hair. The perfect house. The perfect weight. The perfect height. The perfect husband. The perfect wife. The perfect job. The perfect photograph. The perfect camera. The perfect client—you can keep the list going. The culture we live in is constantly speaking to us the message of perfection. Perfection is the state of being free or close to free of all flaws. This is absurd to even think we can go through life being "free or close to free of all flaws".  Being flawed is what makes us human. Countless individuals have given in to this false message of perfection causing them to feel inadequate if they are anything less than perfect. For perfection, the bar is never raised high enough and there will always be a sense of needed more, doing  more,  buying more—you name it.Living in a state of perfection, in reality, just makes us greedy and unsatisfied.

We might seek perfection in our creative businesses whether it be photography, graphic design, paper crafts,  calligraphy, floral arranging—the list can go on. While seeking perfection might seem like a good thing, it actually destroys us. It destroys us from working from the heart. It  destroys our p u r p o s e.

We were not created to be perfect but for p u r p o s e. Every one  of us has a purpose—a reason for which we exist. It is our mission to find out what that is. When we finally do walk in our purpose, things will begin to come into focus. You will live an intentional live. You will work from the heart of who you are. The light within you will begin to shine so bright that people won't be able to take their eyes off you. As you walk in purpose you won't have to chase people or opportunities because that light within you will cause people and opportunities to pursue you.


I would encourage you today to choose purpose over perfection. Measure yourself to a standard of grace instead of a false standard of perfection and walk with p u r p o s e.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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