Pas•sion  noun
"an intense desire or enthusiasm for something."

Passion is something that not many have due to a lack of staying committed to the things they love and have a desire for. If you love something and want to make things happen, then do it with passion or not at all. The wonderful Julia Child once said,

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."


Making those big dreams and goals happen requires passion and requires you to work work hard towards them.


"I am passionate about_________________"

There are several things that I am passionate about but for the sake of my photography blog I will focus on that.

I am passionate  about photography.

I have always loved photography. Growing up I remember holding photoshoots for my Barbies with my  Barbie film camera. I remember pretending that I was a fashion model posing for the "camera" in front of the mirrors. I thought back to the time when I participated in the photography class in my middle school after-school program. I loved learning about taking photos and taking a tour of the teacher's home office and garage studio. I was about 11 or 12 at the time and I remember thinking  I want to do this when I get older.  I've always had that inkling of a passion within me that came to the surface even more five years ago.  Before getting really serious about this business, I would always carry my point-and-shoot Canon powershot camera with me  wherever I went. It stayed in my purse and I was ready to snap a picture whenever the opportunity arose. My camera was always ready. I would even borrow my sister's Minolta 35mm, that she never used, for my photography assignments in high school. I loved it. I fell even more in love with photography when I developed my first roll of film in the dark room.

Believe it or not photographers have the ability to transport people through time. It may not be the typical thought of time travel but it is time travel in the form of printed photographs. Photography freezes time and those photos are able to take people back into a moment of time of how things were back then. Photographs are important because even when the people, the circumstances, and the relationships change over the years, the moments captured never do.  I love being able to tell a story through capturing beautiful moments for people, not just of their faces, but of who they truly are. That...that is my passion for photography.

Roddick quote

What are you passionate about?  Join in with the challenge and write about it for the #Blog-temeberchallenge. 

 Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!