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Participating in the blog-tember challenge has been very interesting and I have been learning a lot about myself  with the prompts I've been writing. Today's is no different!

September 9th

Let's talk personality types. Introverted? Extroverted? Unsure-troverted?

If you've every taken a Myer-Briggs or similar test, then you would probably know your personality type. There are 16 different personality types, all of which have their own profiles.  As it would stand today, the theory of personality types would put them in the primarily in one of each of the following to great a 4 letter personality type. There are 16 types altogether.

1.Extraverted or Introverted

2.Sensing or iNtuitive

3. Thinking or Feeling

4. Judging or Perceiving.

Individuals can be one of the following:

ISTJ     ISFJ     ISTP     INTJ     INTP     INFJ     INFP     ISFP ESTJ     ESFJ   ESTP     ESFP    ENTJ     ENTP   ENFJ      ENFP

For  more in-depth information click here

I took one of these personality tests a couple years ago on However, at the time it was free, but they are charging a $5 fee per test. However, for a similar test to find out your personality type for free, check out While that site is free, I love the more in depth descriptions personality page has to offer.So, What's your personality type, you might ask?

ISFP—The Artist.

After seeing this result, the test could not have been more spot on. Finding out what my personality type was gave me a greater sense of who I am as a person.  In short, here of some of the characteristic descriptions of the ISFP personality type that are spot on with me.

  • Introverted— absolutely. I am a total introvert but depending on my surroundings and relationships, I can be extroverted.
  • In tune with the way things look, taste, sound, feel and smell.
  • Have a strong aesthetic appreciation for art and are likely to be artists in some form because they are "gifted at creating and composing things which strongly affect the senses."
  • Have a strong set of values.
  • Likely to choose jobs and careers that allow freedom of working towards the realization for heir value-oriented personal goals.
  • Quiet and reserved— Yup!
  • Kind, gentle , and sensitive in dealing with others
  •  Interested in  contributing to the well-being and happiness of others.
  • Strong affinity for beauty and aesthetics
  • True appreciation for beauties of nature
  • Original and independent
  • Need to have personal space.
  • Value people who take the time to understand them and support them in pursuing their goals.— I am realizing this to be very true as I have thought of those whom I'm closest to.
  • Constantly gathering information and sifting it through their value system
  • Are "doers"
  • Hands-on learners
  • Perceptive and aware of others and are usually very accurate with there perceptions of others
  • Warm and sympathetic caring deeply for those who are close to them
  • Show their love through actions, rather than words.
  • Need time to evaluate the circumstances against their value system
  • Like to not give themselves enough credit for the things they do very well.— this couldn't be any truer.

While there are many positive characteristics and aspects of the ISFP profile, a downside could be our strong value system which can lead us being a perfectionist and causing us to be our own worst critic.  This is something that has opened my eyes and is something to work on.

Another reason I love the personalitypage.cominformation on the personality type is their possible career path list for each of the types.  Under ISFPs I fit under artist, musician, childcare, and teacher. It is a bit crazy how spot-on these personality types can be. So, do yourself a favor a take the test to find out your personality type. You can only grow from there.

Knowing my personally type definitely made sense to why I do what I do and that is: sincerely capturing beautiful moments and touching lives in the process.

So, can I sound grammatically incorrect and say—

Where my ISFPs at?