Monday Motivation.

The countdown to "spring" break begins.  Just 4 days until I can see my family and friends in New England. I haven't seen my family since July and haven't seem our friends for about two years. I am so exited to see them and their cute babies! I just hope we are done with this snow, ice, rain, and wintry mixes, I am really for long, sunny days, budding flowers, fluffy clouds, birds singing, and capturing beautiful moments outdoors. But until then, I sit and I wait for the arrival of spring. Ladies, this one is for you today. I don't know about you but sometimes when I have too much time on my hands, I am browsing online at other photographer's work whom I admire. There are a handful female photograp[hers] who I admire and  I often keep up with their blogs and latests posts and more.   But then there are times when start seeing their successes. It could be that they've gone full-time with their photography business after two years,  they've launched a beautiful re-brand, perhaps it could even be that they're booking clients left and right, or even that they can afford new equipment because of their hard work. Whatever the successes might be, something inside me wants to cringe a little. Perhaps the feeling that I've failed as a photographer because I am not where they are or I am not doing what they are doing.  Have you ever been in this spot?  It doesn't have to be that you are a photographer. Maybe you are a pastry chef, cookie decorator, event planner, mother, teacher, wife—whatever it is you may be. You have probably, at some point, felt the feeling that you've failed in one way or another because of the success you see in [HER].

Her. Yes, her. The "her" who seemingly has all her ducks in a row. The "her" who is booking all those clients and gaining business. The "her" who can juggle being a mother of 2 and a business owner. Whomever your "her" is, please take this in... HER success is NOT your failure.

Let's face it, women can be so cruel sometimes, especially to each other and ourselves. We are constantly secretly comparing ourselves to "her" successes and even "her" failures. We quietly bash "her" when she talks of her successes as we have a feeling of failure  in our hearts. I remember a quote I once read, that girls compete with each other, women empower one another. Instead of us acting like girls quietly condemning "her" and her successes, we should be women who are happy for "her" that she has reached the point of success. Although it is easier said than done, it all starts  with us. It starts with us empowering " her" with affirming her with words of encouragement, a simple "that's great you're getting good business!" or  "you're doing a great job balancing being a mother and running a business, I admire that."   A little positivity can go a long way and can help in softening a calloused heart that's full of jealousy.

This was a just a little bit of motivation for today. I hope you go through your day with the thought of, " her success is not your failure" in your head. You may find yourself having a much better day knowing that the hard work that you are putting in toward reaching your goal is going to pay off at the right time. There is not a more perfect time than the right time and you'll know it when it happens.

Have a fabulous day today!  Go out of your way today and complete an random act of kindness, I'm sure it will boost your spirit and put a smile on your face!

•    •   •

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