Making Things Happen in 2014: Part 2—Get Fired Up.

Today was a rather blah day for me. I woke up with a stiff neck, I guess I slept wrong. Needless to say, after a very hot shower, heat wrap, and biscuits and sausage gravy (yum...) I feel great.  Next up on the MTH in 2014 blog series from Lara Casey is part 2, step 4.

Step 4: What did you learn from what worked?

Well,  one thing I know for sure that I learned from what worked on 2013 was the fact that when I feel like I don't know what to do, God always does.  I got a job as a preschool teacher at a school that has  an elementary and middle school. I had gotten the job in April. It was going well and I knew God clearly opened the door for the job but little did I know that would change. It was towards the end of May that we were all sitting in a staff meeting and we go the news that the preschool division of the school was going to be closing and we had until the first week in August. My heart sank. I got upset. I had so many thoughts run through my head. I questioned why God would CLEARLY open the door for this job only to have it close a month later. I was in a bit of a panic because I needed a job.  The hubs and I have rent, grocery bills, cable, electric, gas, and not to mention a load of school loans to pay. There is no way that I can be laid off. I started the job search and nothing was  opening. No doors were opening so-to-speak.

The end of July rolls around and I still didn't find a job. August was creeping up and thankfully I was able to work some days because there were some of the preschoolers who needed care until the end of summer so I was able so work about a 7 days total here and there after the preschool closed.  It was one of the last days that I would work for the summer and I was approached an asked : "Were you wondering if you still had a job here?"  I was taken off-guard so I replied with " No, I wasn't wondering but what's going on?"  (or something like that) and basically  i was told, "Well, you have a job." Basically the job I am currently working as a teacher's assistant and support staff for the elementary and middle schools.

I didn't know what to think but I do remember for one thing that there was a song that I would always hear on K-Love that was so fitting for the waiting period I was in while waiting for a job opportunity to open up. The song was, "Help Me Find It" by Sidewalk Prophets. The chorus was definitely my prayer during that time.:

[Chorus:] If there’s a road I should walk Help me find it If I need to be still Give me peace for the moment Whatever Your will Whatever Your will Can you help me find it Can you help me find it

This was one pivotal moment of 2013 that  I learned to trust God with the doors He would open. Though I was anxious and worried and all the above, God's hand was on my situation the whole time and  I know that this is something that I can take into 2014 as well. Knowing that God won't open a door a door for me when there is a far better door He will open.

As far as my photography business is conceded, from the things that I mentioned that DID work- I've basically learned that all it takes is one step in the direction of my dreams to start seeing things come together. Once again, none of my accomplishments would have been accomplished without the help of the Lord!

STEP 5:  What did you learn from what didn't work?

Out of the many things that didn't work I clearly have learned that I need to make the best of what time and equipment I do have and that with each step I am indeed making progress!

STEP 6: What fires you up?

There are a lot of things that fire me up! To name a few- accomplishing to-do lists, perfecting recipes that  people love (especially my hubs), laughing, making others laugh, feeling appreciated,capturing beautiful moments for others  and being able to present the printed photos to them fires me up. A sunny Saturday with clear cloudless skies fires me up to go outside and do something. It fires me when I hear a good song that gets me moving and I do a little dance.


 Keep dreaming and reaching for your dreams. Don't give up but work on those things that are going to make your goals and dream a reality.  Enjoy your day!