Making Things Happen in 2014: Part 5—Set Good Goals.

Doing the Lara Casey's  2014 Goal Setting Blog series has been rewarding. The final step in the series is Step 13.

STEP 13: Review

Basically do an overview of  all the previous steps making sure to make any necessary changes, addition, or subtractions. This also applies to your Pinterest board ( you can find my Pinterest board here). As you look over your pins, remove the ones that don't fit or simply add more that would pair well with your vision and goals.  I think I  pretty much did this step as I was going. I put time and thought into the different aspects of each step but I can always do a second look.

STEP 14: Set Good Goals

Lara Casey has a way of helping to put things in perspective.  She asked 3 questions:

1. Will this goal help my 2014 Vision?

2. Does this goal also help other people?

3. Why should I spend my time on this goal?

These are great questions in helping weed out any goals that may waste time and effort. I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish and see happen this year with this photography business. One of my main goals is to  touch the lives of at least 5 people through photography. I want to do this because that is what my photography business is all about. I don't want to just take your pictures and be done. I want it to be a lasting experience that for some—will create  an avenue for a life that has been touched through the lens of a camera. I dare to dream big and with God on my side, I can do all things through Him!


I hope you've been inspired even if just a little by my responses to Lara's blog series. I hope that your dreams have grown and  i hope you will take action on those dreams and not be saying a year from now that you wish you would have started. Remember that often times the one holding you back from reaching your dreams and goals is you. So, stop holding yourself back! Move forward in the direction of your dreams and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!