Making Things Happen in 2014: Part 3—Your 2014 Vision

Hey  there ! Next up on Lara Casey's MTH 2014 blog series is part 3: 2014 Vision. One definition of  vision is: The ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination or wisdom. We should all have a vision whether it is in our own personal lives or business. Setting a vision statement in place gives us the opportunity to really sit down and think about what it is that we truly want to see in our future.

Step 7: What is your 2014 Vision?

This can sometimes take a while to think about but because I hopeful and a dreamer, I know the things that I would like to see happen in 2014 and the goals that I set in place but. While I can set my vision for what I want to see with my photography business, I need to make sure that I have a vision in place personally so the two can be one.

The kind of life that I want to live this year is a life of faith. Faith meaning that I want to live in faith and know that God truly is always going before me and will always be right beside me. Trusting Him to  make my plans succeed as I hand over to Him my dreams and continually seek Him. Also, as I continue to seek Him, I know that I will continue to truly find who I am in Him.

Truthfully speaking, I want this year to be an amazing one. I want to see God's faithfulness. As I will be 25, I want to see a better me. I don't want to be a Negative Nancy or a Doubtful Debbie. I want to see the blessings that God has in store. I want my cup to overflow...

As this photography business is concerned, I want to be able to touch people's lives by using the gift of photography that God gave me. I want others to see their true beauty deep down and  help them realize that they are loved by God and were truly made in His image.

2014 is the year I surrender my fearful heart; surrender my attitudes ( sometimes they aren't so great when things get crazy); make more time to spend in devotions; do more of what I love...

Step 8: What are you saying NO to in 2014?

In 2014, one major things that I am saying no to is fear. I don't want to live a life in fear because there is no fear in love and if I am truly going to follow Christ and all that He is, then there is no way that fear can reside within my heart and mind.

I am saying no to:

  • eating fast-food ( had to throw that one in)
  • the fear of failure
  • toxic people
  • discouragement
  • worrying about every little things
  • comparing
  • complaining
  • buying useless things
  • my insecurities ( and we ALL have them)

Step 9: What are you saying YES to in 2014?

in 2014, I am saying yes to:

  • a healthy lifestyle
  • a fitness regimen to get fit and stronger
  • taking the first steps in the directions of my dreams
  • looking for new business opportunities
  • more time in devotions
  • surrounding myself with positive, encouraging, and uplifting people (non-toxic people)
  • positive thinking
  • sticking to our budget
  • seeking wisdom
  • praying for my husband daily and loving him more each day
  • focusing on my marriage
  • seeing God in my everyday life—even in the small things like a close parking space, coupons, green lights, etc.
  • Take more photos


Yet again, this post has put things into perspective and I want to see great things happen!  I hope you all have a great New Year's eve and a great 2014!! Let's MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!