Making Things Happen in 2014: Part 1 —Let's Do This!

So if you've not heard of Lara Casey, maybe you should get to know here via her website and blog. She is a phenomenal woman whom I would love to meet some day. Some months ago I wrote a blogpost on her (here) after having gone to her site and browsed around and learned about her life.  I recently received her  goal setting power sheets in the mail ( I'm so excited about them) to complete for the new year. I  definitely want to make things happen this year in my own personal life and photography business. It's a big year for me as I will be 25 (Seriously, where did time go)! I definitely want to see what amazing things God is going to do this New Year. So, Lara has decided to do this new blog series on goal setting for 2014. While I do have my own hardcopy of  powersheets to work on, she encourages readers to  blog, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to go along with it so I've decided to put some posts on my blog as well. Plus, I really liked when she said  this : You never know who you might inspire or whose life you might completely change with your words."  This is straight truth!  God has clearly gifted Lara with the ability to touch lives with her words. So, I would hope I can do the same, not only with my photography but my words as well (lightbulb moment...).

STEP 1: What worked in 2013?

Well, let's see. Despite of being laid off of a job because it was closing, I got a new job working full-time as a staff assistant for a school. It has had it's good day and not so good days, but that is to be expected when working with a team of other women. I took on the position as a volunteer teacher for a girls class at my church- such a great group of 3rd and 4th grade girls who love the Lord—it's rewarding to be able to teach them each week.  Personally, it's been good.

Getting down to the business side of things, I would say that it wasn't as successful  as I wanted it to be. I shot 2 senior sessions, 1 first birthday session, 1 Christmas session, and a fun photo booth experience for the kids that I work with. I would have like to have had more clients but regardless of that, what worked was simply digging my heels in and soaking up all the information I could  whether it be from blogs, webinars, websites, books, etc. to better myself.  I gained valuable information that will only help to improve my skills and more. Even though I didn't have the clients  I wish I had, I still made use of my time to learn, learn, and learn some more.

Some other things that I can say I've accomplished: I bought a domain name, created this blog, twitter account, Facebook page(not published yet), email, and  have been brainstorming a bunch of ideas for packaging, site design, client incentives, branding, marketing, equipment, software, etc. I have a lot of things that I have yet to do and work on but it is coming along.

STEP 2: What didn't work in 2013?

Well, I know that I am not in a position to do photography full-time yet but I think that fact that I have a full-time job sometimes gets in the way of what I want to do with my photography. If I didn't have a full-time job (which I absolutely need  in order to take care of school bills) I would have more time to dedicate to doing things to further my skills, more time to shoot, more time to work on branding, marketing, etc. But I need to make money in order to make money if you get what I mean.

Living in a completely new city and state has been a challenge for me this year. It's a small city with a lot of photographers around people seems to already have their set photographer whom they use or go to and I feel like the new girl in town (even after a year and a couple months) and it kind of hinders me. YES- I know—this is something I need to definitely work on and do differently this year.

A third thing that didn't work was trying to purchase a desktop and upgrade my camera so I can be better prepared for this year but I will do my very best to work with what I have.

STEP 3:Get Visual.

I will be honest here- I LOVE this step. I love being about to get visual and SEE what it is that I want to see in my life and business. Lara suggested creating a board on Pinterest  for this step. You can find my board HERE.


So with all of that said, I have decided that I am not going to go into 2014 with the same outlook as 2013. I love having my birthday at the beginning of the year as well, because I can set goals for my personal life as well. In this new year, I refuse to let fear reside in my thoughts and actions. I refuse to believe the lies of the enemy. I refuse to not move forward. I refuse to lose. As I close out this post today, let me send a gentle reminder to you as a reader and absolutely to myself, that nothing, nothing ,NOTHING is impossible with God.  It is to Him that I bring my dreams, goals, and plans so that He may touch them and use them for His glory.

Go and Make Things Happen!