Nothing is "Impossible"

I came across the website and blog of  Lara Casey the other day and I read through her story. If you haven't done so yourself, please do.  I have never met this woman but I truly admire her and the grace of God is definitely radiating through her life. I would love the opportunity to sit down to talk and pray with her and just have her influence be a part of my life. She has over come a lot in her life but she didn't let  those down times and impossible situations stay impossible. Instead, she trusted God with those impossibilities and just like the picture of the quote above that Lara wrote, God showed her  that, " NOTHING nothing nothing nothing is impossible with Him." So, today's memorable quote is just that, "Don't just pray about what seems logical & possible. Pray hard about the "impossible" --> God will show you that NOTHING nothing nothing nothing is impossible with Him. Ever. Period. End of Story."  This is nothing but the TRUTH.  I am guilty of  praying about what seems logical and possible because sometimes that it the easiest thing to do. But if we want to see a change and we want to see what God can do, we need to  pray about what we see and think are impossible things.  I love the caption Lara had under the quote and I would say this to all of you in her words, " Crush the "impossible" boundaries. ALL things are possible with God. If you stop trying to control and just let Him do His work, He will show you what's possible. Translation= He will blow your expectations completely, out. of. the. water."  This is so completely evident in her life. She was once a just a woman who had a crazy idea of drafting up a mock magazine. Moving forward and having it be a hit bridal magazine would seem to be "impossible" but Lara put her trust  in God even when hurdles came in her way she trusted the only One who is able to go above and beyond anything we could ask of think  (see Ephesians 3:20). Now, this beautiful and godly woman is the  editor in chief and publisher  of Southern Weddings magazine. Such a testimony to God's faithfulness and blessing

At this point in my personal life and in my business, I can point out and name a bunch of "impossibilities". For instance, I just got a new day job working at school 2 months ago tomorrow. We all found out 3 weeks ago that our division of the school will be closing and our last day is August 2nd. It took me a while to get this job by me being in a new state and area and  all. Finding a new job that I will enjoy being at every day seems. "impossible". As far as my business is concerned, there are many "impossibilities". I am in a new area where most people have their set photographers so there is a bit of competition. I am still new to the business aspect, I need a camera upgrade, and a bunch of other things that make me want to throw in the towel. But if I do not pray hard about those "impossible" situations and hand them over to God, I might not see what amazing things He will do. A year from now I do not want to be wishing that I had prayed a little harder. I don't want to wish  that I had stepped out of the boat. A year from now, I want to be able to say, "God, thank you for turning what I thought were 'impossibilities" into possibilities and then some."

If you are in the habit of praying for what you think is logical and possible, I would encourage you to start praying, and praying hard for the "impossibilities". You will be amazed at what things God will do for you whether it be in your personal life or your business. Stop trying to control the possibilities and let God show YOU what they are.

I can't wait to share with you the possibilities that God has done.