Hello December.

Somebody pinch me— is it already December?  I feel like this year flew by. It is already December and there are 31 days left of 2014. I trust all of you have a fabulous Thanksgiving gathering with family and friends around delicious food! It's always nice when family can come together over the holidays. Our thanksgiving was relaxing since my sister and nephew came to town.

Good food+ family+ laughter= a pretty darn good time.

 I don't know about you but with this month being the last one of 2014, I am going to be intentional with my time and efforts. My calendar for the month is already pretty full with work, meetings, teaching class, sessions,banquets and more, which is more than necessary to prioritize.

Want to have a successful month in the midst of busyness? Grab your planner, desk calendar, phone or tablet calendar for this month and "pencil in"  general  major things, photo sessions, meetings, christmas parties, date nights, etc. Doing this will give you a broad look ahead of what your month is going to look like at first glance.  What also works for me is to then break down the calendar by week making sure to write down what needs to be done each day of that week. The perfect day (for me at least) to do this is on a Sunday- that way I have a clear (tentative) schedule for the week ahead.

White it is important to prioritize your time and use it wisely, it is also important to BE INTENTIONAL. Be intentional with your time and how you are spending it. It is easy to use up time on things that may not be helping you to  move forward in the direction of our dreams. It's important to be intentional  with yourself. You don't want to burn yourself out in the midst of the busyness so make sure to take time for yourself whether it is taking a few minutes just to relax with a cup of coffee, taking a nice warm bath, or treating yourself to a mani-pedi ( I think I might do that today). It is very easy to do when you get busy, but try not to neglect those around but instead be intentional about guarding your relationships.

Make this last month of 2014 a good great one. Plan your heart out. Dream Big. Be Intentional. Start making a list for yourself of things you want to accomplish before the end of the year.

Happy Monday and Happy December!