Happy New Year and Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a safe and memorable time bringing in the New Year. Cheers to the start of a fantastic year!  As promised, a new series on The Blog is launching today:  There are several photographers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives that I know personally that I would love to share with you all in hopes that you'll join in supporting them on their journeys. First up is Rachel! I've known Rachel for about 3 years now and I can honestly say that she is a firecracker! She is so sweet and full of personality and wit. She's also quite the pastry chef and has made plenty of beautiful cakes, cake pops and more for  others, however she heading in a different direction.

You know that crazy wrap thing people talk about? Well, Rachel is now  a "wrapreneur", an

(If you aren't familiar with the company,click here for more information).  I asked Rachel a couple of questions, for today's post:


I joined It Works!® because I felt that what I was currently doing, making custom cakes—wasn't what I was supposed to be doing with my life. The CEO, Mark Pentecost, fully believes in Christ, leads the company with that in mind and wants us to get out of debt. This allows me to be at home, at the park with children, shopping and still working from my smartphone or computer. I want us to be a full time family, not just a working family who sometimes has fun.

If you've seen my recent post about choosing to go into the New Year with resolve, you may want to take inventory of your life and see what is working and what isn't working in order to take a step in the right direction. Rachel clearly took inventory and chose the best option for her and her family and that was to work a job where she can not only be a #GirlBoss but also be a present mother choosing to be intentional with her time while also supporting her family and getting out of debt.



I currently market my business through Facebook, Instagram, and my It Works!® website. I also hand out  business cards and book wrap appointments ( I come to you, or host a party & get wrapped for free!).

Your marketing strategy might look different depending on the type of business you run. For Rachel, because her business is all product based, she has to work hard to market via Facebook, Instagram and through her ownIt Works!® website.Social media can be a tricky tool to handle but there are plenty of tips, books, and blogs on how to effectively market on social media. Don't have a grip on social media marketing just yet? That's ok, you best tool are the friends who believe in you. They will be the ones to support you on your journey and market you by word of mouth and referrals!

Need tips for your business on how to market effectively? Lawrence Chan has a great source of premium marketing material for...FREE



You need to have passion and believe in your products and what they're doing for you and others. For me, it's about being a product of the products. I could tell you anything and everything about these products but if I'm not genuinely excited and honest about them, people can tell. Do what you love and love what you do.


We've all heard that quote that says: do it with passion or not at all. It is such a true statement. If you genuinely care about reaching a goal, moving forward in your business you are going to put your time and energy into it. I know for sure that Rachel has a passion for what she is doing now as an It Works!® distributor. It's evident  in her posts on social media and she is dreaming big for 2016 with her dream board.  I will be making my dream board today, you should too! Set the tone for this year and do  whatever it is you do, with p a s s i o n!




This year with It Works!®, I will be replacing my other job.  I fully believe that it's possible to go above and beyond what I was making as a custom cake creator. I've already taken the steps to move back from that business which will allow me to have more time and energy with my family and friends!

All it takes is one step. Sometimes it's a small step, other times it's a big leap, but it's a step nonetheless. Rachel is taking  steps in the right direction and I am so excited to see where being an It Works!® distributor  brings her! I'll have to try some more products for myself in the near future!

Check out all the products Rachel has to offer with It Works!®, maybe you can become a distributor too and take advantage of all the perks!

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If you have a similar product-based business like Rachel, I hope you've gained some insight from her. Be sure to keep in touch on The Blog or more features in this series.  Here's to a New Year full of  opportunities and success. Do whatever it is you do with passion, dream big, & make things happen!

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