Here we are again for part 2 in the Enlarge, Empower, Embrace: Expand What You've been Given mini series. Last week I wrote about enlarging your vision and how when people see your vision, they should know the scale and size of your God and it should inspire them to believe for bigger and greater things.  I loved what Jossy said, If  your vision is big enough, it should keep you awake at night and energize you during the day.  Click here to read part 1.

Moving into part 2 today we are going to look at  how we can empower others with what we've been given. The God-given talents and abilities will look different than the next person, but we can all empower others and sometimes that means taking chances.  I recently was talking to a fellow photographer and she shared with me a story about how she photographed some portraits for a client. Later on her client was interested in purchasing a new camera and wanted advice form her on which one would be the best choice. It wasn't until recently that her client started advertising that she was now a 'photographer' offering sessions.  If you're a photographer, I am sure you can understand how she may have felt to hear this about her client. In this instance, she took  a chance on someone to share her photography knowledge with and maybe in her sense it backfired. 


As a creative entrepreneur, what does it look like to empower others? For some it may be to offer up mentoring sessions in their respective creative areas. For others it may be just being a source of encouragement on someone's journey. If you are going to expand what you've been given, empowering others needs to be part of that. I loved when Jossy said this at during his talk at the GLS:

[More often], we are so busy working on our own projects that we're  left without the capacity or room to empower others.


OUCH.  How many of you have been there before? You get so busy that you leave no room to empower others, much less even empower yourself? We are never going to really expand if we don't have time for others.  But how can we empower others? Here are just a couple of ways you can do that:

Before you can truly empower someone in a way that they are going to receive it, it is important to build a relationship with them. Understand who they are as a person. They may not receive it well if  you're leading from the front but rather if you build relationship with them you'll be able to come along side them and empower them.

Empowering others means letting them know to give grace to themselves  whenever they fail. No one is perfect and its okay to make mistakes. No dream worth chasing is every easy. Encourage them when they don't meet a deadline. Encourage them when they're schedule got too busy to keep steady with their blogging schedule. Give them grace and encourage them if they are experiencing seasons of doubt. Be sincere in your approach, it helps people feel appreciated.

I don't know about you, but my creative heart is happy when I share ideas with others. It helps to spark creativity and passion for the things we love. Sharing ideas can lead to open doors of opportunity and fosters creative growth.

 Show those whom you are empowering that you believe in them and want to see them succeed at their dreams and goals. Show your support for their newest project. I know first hand that it blesses me and fuels the fire when I know that my friends and family believe in me and my dreams. Empowered women, empower women.




There are dozens of other ways you can empower others. Especially when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur who wants to empower other creatives. For me, I hope to some day be able to offer mentoring sessions or  workshops for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. I would like to empower others through the experiences I've had with starting a photography and creative business from the ground up with little to no money at all. Eventually that will  be an accomplished goal but it has to start somewhere, it has to start with building relationships in order to empower others. 

What are you currently doing to empower others? Let us know in a comment.

Part 3 of this mini series is coming next week. If you didn't read part 1, grab a cup of coffee or tea and click here to read.