I had the awesome opportunity to "attend" the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) last month with a group of teachers and staff from work.  I say "attend" because it was a simulcast of the event, but it was as if we were there in person. The 2-day event  was packed with great information from a number of influential leaders.  Among them were John Maxwell, Bill Hybels, T.D. Jakes, Patrick Lencioni and more.  There was one speaker who's talk left a lasting impact on me: Jossy Chacko

All the speakers at the event had about the same amount of time for their talks however, I felt l got a lot our of Jossy's segment. After 3 pages of notes, it was a lot to digest. His  talk was entitled:  Unquestionable Ways to Expand Your Leadership Reach.  While his talk was geared toward leaders and leadership I think all of what he spoke about can be applied to creative entrepreneurs, whether you're an photographer artist, blogger, writer, graphic designer of other. I'm taking the bullet points from Jossy's talk and some of his content and creating a series over the next few weeks and I hope you'll join in. 


Jossy opened his talk  by reading about the Parable of The Talents and asked the question: 

All of us have been trusted with something. What are you doing to be trusted with more?

All of us are different. We've all be blessed and given all different gifts, talents, and abilities. Another question we may have to ask ourselves is are we proving ourselves to be trusted with more of what we've been given?  God expects us to enlarge what we've been given, not to just sit on it, bury it away and keep it for ourselves, but to truly take what we've been given and be able  to expand and reach others. If we are going to make this all applicable to creative entrepreneurs, what does that look like?


Whenever you're starting any kind of business or venture it is usually birthed out of a vision you have. For me, I desired to use my gifts and talents to sincerely capture beautiful moments and touch lives in the process. I desired to create a business that wasn't all about me, but serving my clients, holding time still with the click of the shutter and creating lasting memories for generations to come and working as unto the Lord.

Take a minute and think of the vision that birthed into something amazing for you. Are you just maintaining it or are you working to multiply it? This question posed by Jossy caused me to reflect not only on my personal life, but my business as well. The vision we have been given  should not just be something we maintain but something we multiply—something we must enlarge. We enlarge our vision by investing in it and seeing the fruit of your labor.

Some may think, where does this vision come from? Quiet honestly, the vision you have within you was placed there by God.  Jossy made a great point when he said that there are "vision poppers" out there. These are people who try to come and pop your vision with their opinions.  Bottom line: don't be confused with these "vision poppers"  or worry about what they have to say about your vision because  they don't know what  God has placed inside of you. In fact, when people see your vision they should know the scale and size of your God. Let your vision be determined by what God has placed inside of you. 


Enlarging your vision comes with having to take risks. There is not much risk involved when you're just maintaining things, but when you want to multiply and enlarge something, it takes a little faith and risk which are pretty much one in the same. Sometimes we may see the horizon and think that it is the same size for everyone, but  if you are going to enlarge your vision, you need to allow your horizon to get bigger. 

Whatever vision God has given you, make sure you invest in it. Enlarge what you have been given. Don't just hide it away, keeping it safe for some other opportune time, don't try to pawn it off to someone else thinking they'd be better off with this vision. Be  what Jossy called a "passionary" - a visionary with passion.  I know without a doubt that God created me to create and I sometimes I feel like my dreams and vision for this business of mine are too big but then I remember just how big God is and how faithful He is to give us the desires of our hearts...

I look forward to part 2 of this mini series next Thursday! Be sure to follow Sincere Touch Photography on Facebook and Instagram for updates.  

In the meantime: What vision have you been given?  Let us know in a comment!

Until next time, friends!