Don't Be Afraid to Be Great

If you saw my last postyou know that I participated in  a lettering challenge for the month of September. Well, a new month is here and a new letting challenge is upon us. However, I am switching things up a bit and instead of just doing the #LetterItOctober challenge for what it is, I am choosing select lettering prompts and using them for blog post inspiration.


Have you ever  thought to yourself that you have so much potential to be great and move forward with your dreams and goals, but something is getting in your way?  Consider this: you may be afraid to be great. But I have a little pep talk for you and that is this:



I came up with a few reasons of why you might be  afraid to be great. Let's take a look:

1. You're afraid to be great because of the amount of effort that will be require.

Being great at what you do will always require effort. Whether you are a photographer like myself, a blogger, musician, creative, or even a parent—you have to put in effort to be great and to remain great at whatever it is you do. You have to put in your sincere efforts in pursuing your goals and dreams to be great at you God-given gifts and talents. Depending on what  you do, your efforts may look different.  It may be that you need to set aside a good amount of time for planning in your business or  spend time practicing your craft (photography, lettering, printmaking, music, cooking, etc.)  and more. Your efforts need to made intentionally. For some of you , you may need to refocus your attention on thing that are going to move you into the direction of being great.

2. You're afraid to be great because of what others might think.

Caring about what other people think when you want to be great is a trap.  Don't get caught up in caring about the opinions of others when it comes to pursuing our dreams. It may cause you to lose sleep, cause you to doubt yourself, and can eventually cause you to give up on the very things  you were putting your efforts into.Your efforts might take you away from your friends and family and often people have a zoom lens on your watching and waiting for you to fail or mess up, just so they can say that they knew you weren't going to make it. But guess what, say,  "so long" to the haters and keep moving. You cannot allow the opinions of thoughts of other to to take you prisoner in your own mind. Rise above that and remember to never give up on your dreams.

3. You're afraid to be great because you're afraid to fail.

I have been here plenty of times. Afraid to be great because I was afraid to fail. I think this is nothing short of being human. Whenever there is an opportunity to be great and to stand out among the rest, the fear of failure quickly tries to settle in and make it's home in your mind. This kind of goes along with being afraid of what others might think  as well. Some of you may be afraid of failing so,you don't even try to be great. When that is the case, you may never know if you will succeed or fail. There comes a point where risk is involved and it is just a matter of stepping out in faith and believing that you can be great at what you do.

4. You're afraid to be great because you're afraid to succeed.

 It may sound ludicrous, but it's true. There are people who are afraid to be great because they are afraid to succeed. Success can sometimes be a scary thing because of all that it requires of you.Success requires you to step out of your comfort zones to get there.  Some may think that the success they are trying to reach might not be what they though and they fear having to start from square one. Others may feel that if they become great at what they do and succeed, they are afraid that  they are being selfish. Word to the wise,  keep in mind not to work hard at what you for with selfish ambitions. Instead, be sincerely humble and work as unto the Lord.


If you'd like, fill in this blank with the fear that is  holding you back from being great. Naming your fears often helps you come to terms with them and you can work on finding a solution to overcoming your fear of being great.

 I am afraid to be great because I am afraid_________________________________________________.

Send me an emailwith what would go in your blank. I would love to gather theses answers for another future post.

I hope you enjoy your day today and I look forward to hearing your responses to the exercise!

Happy Wednesday!

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