Janet | Branding Portraits

I love hearing stories of dreams coming true. Goals being reached. Callings being answered. Janet is a great example of this.  If you're no stranger to The Blog, you've 'met' Janet before when she wrote a guest blog on Fear & Surrender. Janet  is a true example of what it means to surrender fear and move forward into her calling.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing branding portraits for Janet . It almost had to be reschedule due to gloomy weather, but I assured her that it would be great and it was.  I had a lot of fun capturing her as she put the final touches on a few of her pieces.  They are all so beautiful. Seeing her flow through every brushstroke, you can tell she was made for this. 

  I love Janet't tattoo! During her session, she wanted to make sure that I captured the tattoo.  She specifically got this tattoo where it is, so  that every time she goes to paint, she is reminded of her WHY. She paints because LOVE BEATS FEAR.

I loved getting to know Janet a little more during our session and you would never know that just about a year ago she set out on this journey with art as a way to overcome the fear that was present in her life. Sometimes all it takes is that one step to walk into a calling you may have never known was yours. 



I really had a great time  during this session.  As you'll find out on her new website, Janet also hosts paint nights and I am SO excited to be attending one tonight!  Check out her website to learn more and where she or her art will be next!

Janet's Website:


Happy Friday, friends!