5 Things You Can Give Up on Today

This weekend bunch of  much needed laundry, went to dinner with a friend and had great conversation, went to church and small group. Although it was a productive weekend,  I kind of felt a little defeated yesterday. It's often tough trying to build a business when you know there are others around gunning for the same thing. You might even begin to second-guess yourself or get discouraged and all the above.

But then I got the thinking...there are some things I just need to give up on. I am not trying to sound negative here, but give up in a positive sense. In order for  us to be happy and stay focused on what we know we are meant to do, there are some things  we are going to have to give up on. So, today I wanna give you 5 things you can give up on:

1.Give up on negative self-talk.

We can be so quick to automatically speak negatively of ourselves when things don't work out, or when we didn't get those clients, or when we didn't get a call back from the job we applied for—the list can go on. Truth is, how is anyone else suppose to see us as positive and confident people who are focused if we keep talking to ourselves negatively?

2. Give up on complaining.

Happiness comes when we stop complaining and do something about it.  Has complaining ever made you happy? In today's society complaining seems to be the norm. We complain when we are late for work because there was traffic-leave earlier. We complain when out food at a restaurant isn't made to our liking—make dinner at home instead. I may  complain about how few lenses I have and how I wish I had my new camera already, and so on, but instead, I am thankful that I have a good-paying job to  be able to save and purchase those things with cash instead of charging it to a credit card. Changing c o m p l a i n t s into statements of thanks makes a big difference.

3. Give up on comparing yourself to others.

I feel like I talk about this one a lot. Probably because it something that I need to continually be reminded of. Let's face it—we all compare ourselves. Ladies, we especially have a bad habit of doing this and this can easily turn into complaining and negative self-talk. The photography industry is one of many talented people, but just like a well orchestrated orchestra, each one of us has a different part to play. While some may have  similarities, there are many differences.  I found myself compare myself to the talented self-taught photographer who has gone full-time in a short time years and I just finally had the courage to put myself out there as a photographer.  Maybe your comparisons look different. Maybe it's that mother with 3 kids  you always see with her makeup and hair perfectly done and you're in soiled sweatpants, a t-shirt, pudding smeared on your face, a messy bun and you only have one child. Maybe it's the couple who seems to have everything going for them with their new house, new cards,cute puppy and  a baby on the way, you and your husband are struggling financial, living in a rental, and can't afford to bring a baby into the picture. Maybe you we should give up on comparing ourselves to others. I think we can all be a little happier and  focused if we choose to compare ourselves to the person we used to be rejoice in who we are becoming.

4. Give up on trying to be a duplicate.

If you're a twin, this doesn't apply ( just kidding) Judy Garland stated it perfectly when she said, "Always be a first-rate version of ourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."  Is it really going to make us happy and make us stay focused of we are trying to duplicate someone else? The answer is pretty much no. We all have a part to play as we are all different. If we try to be a duplicate we are going to fall-short. Instead of working so hard to be a second-rate version, why not work smart and hustle hard  to be the first-rate version of ourselves? No one is going to bring to the table what you can, so why not put the best version of yourself  out there? Think about this ladies, it's no fun to have a knock-off coach purse from the streets of NYC  with the  c's pointing in the wrong direction and stand next to someone with an authentic coach purse  from Nordstrom. Am I right? Be the authentic version of yourself instead of a knock-off of someone else.

5. Give up on not trying.

Some people are under the impression that if they try they are going to fail. But how can they truly know that for sure if they won't even try in the first place. The first step into the direction of your dreams always seems the hardest and usually is always the biggest step. If you fail, get back up again and try harder. You will only be building momentum. But to not try to make things happen and see our plans succeed, we our robbing ourselves. Happiness and focus can be found in trying your best and giving your all to accomplish that which you meant to do.

What are you going to give up on? If you have any other things that you think we should give up on, share it in a comment or shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you!


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