7 Things I Wish I Knew.

There is always that moment when you think, I wish I knew_________. I was thinking about this for a few days now of writing a "____things" post, and well...here it is. 7 Thing I wish I knew...

Before starting my photography business, I wish I knew...

1. ...It was going to take me YEARS to finally muster up the courage to put myself out there as a photographer.

For the last (almost) 3 years, I have kind of kept quiet about my desire to start a photography business. I was constantly soaking up information from blogs, websites, webinars, magazines, and more. But there was that inkling of fear that lurked behind me. Only few people knew about my desires and what I wanted to do and yet I wondered at the time why no one supported me (hmm...). It all came down to finally saying no to the fears that so often presented itself in my thoughts. Things like, What if I don't succeed? What if people hate my work? "Who is going to want me as their photographer?, always found a way to discourage me. But here I am today moving forward with fierce c o n f i d e n c e.

2. ...how difficult marketing was going to be.

 I wish I would have known what it takes to truly put yourself there as a photographer. In order to gain clients, there needs to be some form of marketing whether it be through Facebook,Instagram, email, Pinterest, or simply word-of-mouth. My huge issue with that was not having enough current images to use for marketing boards and etc.

3. ...how important networking really is.

Let's face it—people know people, who know people, who in turn, know someone else. Chance, I could have definitely been one of those people someone knew and who is  a photographer and I could have been the photographer for   ______'s senior portraits or ________'s maternity session, or even _____ and _____'s engagement session. Hadn't I been so nervous and scared to put myself out there as a photographer, I quite possibly could have had a wonderful network of photographers, creatives, pastry chefs, florists, etc.  Networking is important and  I am kind of exciting to have already started on that process this year.

4. ...how many hours were going to be dedicated to editing an processing photos after a session.

I may or may not be a slight perfectionist when it comes to certain things. From the sessions that I have shot up to this point, I have dedicated countless hours to editing and perfecting images from each session to ensure great quality. Although I may have late nights editing and processing photos, I wouldn't trade it for anything because it's something I am passionate about and something I love doing. I do know I need to grow in this area and set limits for myself but in the meantime, I will do what is needed.

5. ...that it takes dedication to keep a blog thriving.

I honestly do like writing posts, however often times I feel like I have nothing to say. I would certainly blog about sessions I've done, however with it currently being kind of an off-season,  I am not shooting much therefore not much to post as far as photos are concerned. I find it hard to blog something every single day. Would I like to?  Sure. Or at least every other day.

6. ...what it felt like to finally step out in faith.

I kind of stayed "hidden" for almost 3 year about my photography and business for fear of what others would think and etc. But I wish I knew how awesome it would feel to step out in faith with fierce confidence to do what I feel I've been called to do- sincerely capture beautiful moments and touch lives in the process. All it took was one step. After having left those negative thoughts at the door with an invitation notto return, I have gained confidence, to the point where I can't even believe this confidence exists within me. I love it.

7. ...that comparing myself to other photographers gets me nowhere.

I think many photographers, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs in general have fallen into the comparison trap.I know I found myself countless times looking at other photographers who are just starting out and comparing  myself to their successes. Truth is, their success is not my failure and I need to hold that as truth. Every photographer  had their starting place.  Some may have started out in completely different careers before realizing their true passion. Others may have had hit bumps in the road leading up to their success. For me...fear and lack of confidence were my mountains that I had to throw into the sea.

Maybe there are some things you wish you would have known before where you are right now whether you are a photographer, a creative, an artist, a mother, a teacher, a wife—the list can go on.  What  are a couple of things you wish you knew?

 Happy Hump Day.