Daily to-do list completed. Woke up 1 hour earlier than usual. The house is cleaned. Sink is empty. 5 new clients. Hair and make up is done before noon...

These are all just some examples of what some people consider success. Success can look different from one person to the next but there are some  common habits that successful women share in common. 

5 Habits of a successful woman part 1.png

Whether the successful woman is a photographer, entrepreneur, blogger, artist or other creative,  or all of the above, she has habits to attribute to her success.  Let's take a look.


1. She knows her why.

The successful woman makes it a habit to know her why—the reason  and heartbeat behind what she does. It is the very driving force that moves her, pushes her forward into her calling. She knows her God-given desires and talent and does everything with passion.

Find your why, then no excuses will come between you and your goals.

2. She sets good goals.

Setting goals is necessary for success. It's The successful woman knows how to set  good goals. She  knows how to reflect, evaluate, refresh, and refocus her goals as she moves forward in her passion. These goals have purpose and are achievable. The successful woman has a plan of action for each of her goals.


Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe and upon which we much vigorously act. There is not other route to success." —Picasso


3. She is always learning.

In order to keep improving, the successful woman is always learning. She makes it a habit to invest in eduction and enrichment that is going to feed her passions. For us creatives this may be attending conferences and webinars, reading books, investing in a mentor or simply taking a hands-on approach practicing our craft.

4. She believes in herself.

It's nice when other people believe in you, but  even better when you believe in yourself. The successful women makes a habit of believing in herself even if no one else does. She knows she is capable of amazing things

5. She values her time.

Time is of the essence for the one who wants to succeed. The successful woman values her time and makes a habit of using it wisely. She doesn't waste her free time, but instead uses it as a time of prayer, refocus, devotion, education, reflection and more. She knows how to prioritize her time and knows when and what to say yes or no to. She stays on track, sets daily goals (or to-do lists) and most importantly makes time to rest and refresh.


The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. — Steven Covey


These are just 5 simple habits of successful women. For you, your habits to success may be different. I'd love to hear them.


Happy February, friends!