As I mentioned in my last post, it seems like everyone else already has their goals for 2017 laid out nicely on a clean sheet of paper with their vision boards already looking primp and proper. Well, if this isn't  you, then I'm glad because you're not alone. If you're just now reading this and it is already February —don't feel badly and keep reading because there is no rule book  out there entitled, YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE ALL OF YOUR GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR COMPLETELY MAPPED OUT ON JANUARY FIRST, NO LATER, NO SOONER.  I checked Amazon and Barnes & Noble - nope, not there. 

It's a new year. A fresh start. A great time to set goals.

Last year was a good year, but with every year, there are times when goals are not met for one reason or another and that is fine. Instead of listing out 50 different goals that I want to accomplish, I  took the time to re-evalute and reflect  over 2016 and move forward with a shortened, purposeful goal list writing out the goal that matter.

STP-uncovering-Good-Goals- lara casey quote .png


Pay off Student Loans
(This is honestly a top goal of ours. A bit ambitions? Yes, but miracles happen!)
- Be intentional about shopping and spending
- Create and stick to a budget each week
- Meal Plan to save money
- Find ways to save money
- Snowball our debt (We've already paid off one student loan, and are starting the snowballing process on another, it's exciting to see the loan dwindling down) 

Take Care of my body
Clean eating/ eating REAL food
- find healthy alternatives when on the road or traveling
- exercise and fitness
- biking/cycling
- be mindful of what beauty products and makeup I use. Check out the ThinkDirty app.
- ** Edit to add: Incorporate YL essential oils into this routine


Document Personal memories
- purposefully capture moments each week
- create a photo book at the end of the year
- plan fun activities and trips to document
- print iPhone photos 


 Focused Devotional Time
- set aside time each day for uninterrupted devotional and prayer time
- have a time of reflect and refocus each week
- supplement during the week by listening to sermons


Create Realistic Business Hours
- Look at what needs to get done and create balanced hours of operation
- Be intentional during these “business hours”  to plan blog posts, edit sessions, market, and more.


Continue Learning
- Attend an industry conference
- Learn more about owning a business as a photographer through webinars, podcasts, blogs, books and more.


Lead Well
- be transparent with my group of creatives and girl bosses
- lead by example
- one-on-one meet-up
- monthly gatherings
- prayerfully consider a mentor
- surround myself with others who lead well.

Shoot More of What I want to Shoot
- understand more about who my ideal client is
- educate clients
- host a styled shoot

Stick to my Word for the Year: b a l a n c e
- know when to say “no” to things
- be intentional with my time
- create a daily schedule and work hard to stick to it
- set aside a day of rest
- set weekly and monthly goals and action steps to achieve them


This is just a glimpse of my personal and business goals for this year. Of course I do not have all of them listed, it’s a good thing to keep some goals to yourself.   I would highly encourage you take a moment to list out your top goals for the year and your how for each one. Make sure these goals are  ones that matter to you. It's also  important to see your goals, so print them, write them down on paper, create a dream board if you will—whatever you do, just make your goals visible and  start taking the necessary steps forward  to see them fulfilled.