Getting down to the nitty-gritty of the previous year can be used as leverage for getting on track in a  new year. We are already into the month of February and I can truly say that  I've had a great January and I am exciting for the new things that are ahead for Sincere Touch Photography.  If you haven't  been reading my latests posts on Lara Casey's 2016 goal setting, I hope you'll join in. So what if it's February? It's never to late to start. Grab a pen and paper ( or computer) and get started.


Read over all your progress!

This step is pretty simple. However, I have fresh sheet of poster board that I plan to use for this step where I will write down my progress from the year and add and subtract any words as needed. For this step, I am changing this up and making a visual board of written words to get a clear picture of the progress made.



What are you saying YES to & what are you saying NO to in 2016?

There are definitely a number of things I will be saying NO to this year many of which is fear, doubt, worry.  Yes, there are times where fear, worry, and doubt are okay, but I do not want them to consume my mind and stifling my dreams, goals and efforts. I am saying  YES to  positivity, blogging more, open opportunities, making more time for devotions, creating more, photographing more of what I love, and definitely saying YES to putting my heart into sincerely capturing beautiful moments and touching lives in the process.  



Pick a core word for 2016.

Keep in touch on The Blog to see the word I chose!



Goal setting helps put things into perspective. It's not too late to get on board and set your own goals for this year. I'd love to hear what you'll be up to this year!


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