Continuing from my last post on goal setting for this year is  a question that I really didn't want to answer. But, what good would that do for my growth? When we hear the word "imperfect" it sounds so negative. Some synonyms of the word itself don't sound so great: shoddy, faulty, flawed, defective,inferior, second-rate, below...  these are, by no means, words that I would want to describe for 2016



What does your perfectly imperfect  2016 look like?

This step had me a little stumped. I really didn’t want to answer this but what good would that do for my growth?

 If I take a step back, and ask myself this question, I think I can say that my imperfect 2016 would be  about letting go. Go ahead, sing the song,  Let it go…let it go…

There are many things that I need to let go of. My imperfect 2016 would be letting go chasing perfect. Letting go of junk (like those items that stay tucked away in a closet for no reason other than to take up) Letting go of friendships that once were. Letting go of thinking (sometimes speaking) negatively in situations. Letting go of any self-pity that would arise. Letting go and letting God.  Letting go of holding myself back from my dreams and goal. I want to settle for progress and not perfection. I want to hold myself to a standard of grace. 



What didn't work in 2015?

Although there were many things that worked for me last year, there were definitely many that didn't work out so great. As I take a good look over how the last year went for me and this photography business, I can definitely say that comparison and doubt are two things that didn't work. Comparison is not only a thief of joy but also a dream killer. Although I set my word as confidence last year, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Comparison often crept in like an unwanted pest. At one point, I saw just how much comparison caused me question things, not only in my business, but personal life. Needless to say, comparison did nothing for me but cause  doubt.

Doubt crept in. When I agreed to photograph my first wedding, doubt definitely showed up unwanted. I doubted that I would even be able to do it.  In the back of my mind,  I had faith that I would rock that wedding and create beautiful images for my bride and groom, but  in the front of my mind, I doubted and worried that I wouldn't get it right. 

Doubt and worry go hand in hand. What good  do they do? None, other than waste time. After shooting both weddings last year, I think back and say Why did I doubt myself?



Who helped you cultivate what matters in 2015?

There were a number of people who helped me in various ways last year that I am incredibly thankful for. I was blessed by their generosity, their prayers, their listening ears, their advice and their prayers.  I cannot say enough good things about the people who truly stuck by me in hard times and difficult transitions. To all of you, and you know who you are, thank you for the impact you've had on me in 2015.



Here's to a perfectly imperfect 2016; to a year of blessings and grace; to a year filled with



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