2016 GOAL SETTING—Part 1

You guys, I didn't anticipate making changes to the site and The Blog this soon, however,  it was exhilarating to just go ahead and do it!  When it seems like everyone else is already on the ball with their goals and dreams for 2016, it was difficult not to see their accomplishments and how I seem to be lagging behind. However, I had to remind myself that her success if not my failure  and that if I allow comparison to trap me, it is going to rob me of all joy. With the new year at moving right along, so is a series on The Blog. The 2016 Goal Setting Series along with Lara Casey.


I've done Lara Casey's Goal Setting series a couple years ago and it was very encouraging. I had skipped it last year, but have been feeling a pull to do it for 2016.  I probably should have started back in December and  while it may be the end of January-  it's never to late to start!


Step 1: What have you been chasing?

 Looking over the past year, I can probably say that I have someone been chasing perfect in terms of my business. I will admit, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so at times, I let that get the best of me  then fear crept in. The fear that what I would put out wouldn't be good enough. The fear that all of my hard work wouldn't pay off.  Thinking back on it, I really don't want to put out anything mediocre. Whether it is displaying recent work, publishing posts, and more.  There have been blog posts that I've never posted, because I felt it wasn't up-to-par like "so and so's" , as if it wasn't worthy of reading. Chasing perfect is pointless, it really is. If I am going to chase my dreams then  I need to choose purpose over perfect  and remember why I started.  I feel like chasing perfect has truly been a bit of a set-back for me.

Step 2: How are you?

 Oh vulnerability! It can be so hard to be vulnerable at times. To be honest, I am feeling hopeful--hopeful that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Sincere Touch Photography.I can say that with ease, but at the same time, it makes me SO nervous ( in a good way). While I am very hopeful for  a successful year, I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't say that I was a rough year last year. Yes, I had some great opportunities, but I felt defeated at times  when I saw what I didn't accomplish. But done is better than perfect and I won't take for granted all of what I did accomplish! 

Step 3: What worked in 2015?

2015 was quite the year. I know for sure that one thing that I did worked tremendously for me and that was simply choosing to surrender my fears and put Sincere Touch Photography out there. I think it also helped that my word for 2015 was confidence and I clearly saw the difference that made in continuing on throughout the year with that in focus. 

What also worked for me was walking thought the doors of opportunity that presented themselves. I was able to successfully shoot my first two weddings, one at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the summer. I don’t market myself as a wedding photographer but it was an amazing experience that I definitely will not take for granted. Will I book more weddings in the future? We shall see!

I had a "summer win” when my photos of two makeover contest winners, were published in the July/August issue of  a quarterly print publication called The Women’s Journals. While it may not be a big name in the industry,  it is a publication that is served to several counties in PA and  just knowing that hundred of people have glanced through the pages and saw Sincere Touch Photography gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve walked through the doors of other opportunities such as photographing a group of women at my church, photographing small events, and using my gift of creativity and hand-lettering. After having seen some of my hand-lettering skills, I was approached and asked if I would create a pretty large chalkboard art display for a wine-tasting party. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out. I am pretty sure that there will be more of that to offer soon, so be sure to keep in touch!

Overall, 2015 was a success and while there were things that didn’t work last year, there were plenty that did and I am looking forward to an exciting new year with a new site and new services to offer. I hope you’ve had a great January and and a great start to a New Year. 

•    •    •

Sincere Touch Photography currently serves in the State College, PA area with on-location portrait photography. We are currently booking 2016 sessions. To find out more, get in touch with me by filing out this form and set your consultation date. I look forward to meeting you!