My Word for 2016

This goal setting series from Lara Casey has, yet again, been sparking a fire within me to really work hard to make things happen! Step 9  in part three was to choose a word for this year,  and I wanted that to be a stand alone post. 

Last year, I had set my word for the year as confidence. It made a world of difference to start off the year with a core word in focus that I could constantly think about and improve upon. Going into 2015, I didn't know know that confidence was going to be something that I really needed and that was going to help shape the year.  Since December, I had been thinking and praying about what my word for this year would be. I had a few words that I really loved and that would work well, however there was one word that I couldn't seem to escape.  This year's core word is somewhat an extension of last year's word  and it is 


There was a night, a couple weeks ago, when I tried to go to sleep and the word CREATE  would not leave my heart and mind.  It was then that I knew, that I knew that this was my word for 2016. I say that this is somewhat of an extension of my word from last year because, in order to create there needs to be a sense of confidence.  A confidence that causes you to create, and create from the heart. 

I am so excited about this word and how it'll change things both in my business and personally. Looking ahead,

In my business:  
I was created to create.  I want to be able to create more beautiful photographs that are authentic and memorable. I want to bring into existence the design aspect and create more hand-lettered art. I want to create an experience for my clients that they will remember. I want to bring into existence a brand that is unique.

I want to create more time for devotions. I want to create life-long friendships. I want to create better relationships with others.  I want to create time for education through conferences, webinars, books and blogs. I want to create space to do what matters. I also want the Lord to create in my a clean heart and mind that is not distracted by the noise of the world.

I am more than hopeful for this year to be one of creativity in both my business and personal life. I anticipate showing you more beautiful moments, work and hand-lettered art.





As always, have a beautiful day today.


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