2014...It's been real.

2014 has been quite the year.  I trust you all had a wonderful season of celebrating the holidays with family, friends, and friends who are like family. The holiday season seems to go so quickly when you're having fun and before you know it,  the new year is approaching. As I  think back  over this past year up to this very day , 2014 has been a year of growth. There are so many lessons I've learned throughout the year that I can only grow from.  I have learned a lot about who I want to be as a photographer and that was made clear through the different sessions I've had throughout the year. ( More on this soon, so stay tuned).

I learned what worked and what didn't work this year as far as business is concerned. Some things that worked were keeping on the ball with education and learning different things that will benefit STP and it also helped a great deal to  sit down and write out a game plan of what I want to see happen for this business. One thing for certain that didn't work is my lack of confidence. Feeling like I can't hold my own in this industry definitely  put a damper on my confidence, or lack thereof, and boy are things going to change with that for 2015! I am fiercely determined to not let my lack of confidence get in the way of what I am meant to do and can't wait to see what God does with Sincere Touch Photography.

I am thankful for my clients and  having the opportunity to sincerely capture beautiful moments for them. I  am looking forward to capturing more moments for them and many more in 2015. I am also excited to launch something  exciting and new for Sincere Touch Photography (coming soon).


As my last post for 2014, I want to wish you all a wonderfully blessed and prosperous New Year. Have fun celebrating and ringing in the new year and be safe! Be sure to find the time to sit down and reflect on what worked for you and what didn't work, whether personally or in your own business. Set new goals and make them happen.